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 Holistic Astrology & Spiritual Healing Work

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I began a journey as a Spiritual Guide, as spirit was calling for me to be on this path and be of service to those in need of guidance.

I dove into deep healing and spiritual work paralleling my many other professional activities as an Artist and Dancer, to understand the inner workings of my being and thus be able to guide you through my own experience.

I undertook in depth Astrology Studies, following the schools of Evolutionary Astrology and Archetypal Astrology.

  • I offer guidance through the practice of Astrology. 

  • I work with Mandala drawing as a healing tool.

  • I develop guided meditations and run HEART CIRCLES to invite people to connect to their heart center.

  • I work with somatic dance CHROMA MOVEMENT for balancing the energy, releasing trauma and reconnecting to the body.

Inspirational content in the path to self realization. Check out free videos, guided meditations and more on the Youtube Channel.

  • YouTube

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Discover more about your personality, your life's purpose, your gifts and challenges. Understand why you may be going through certain situations and find our how to better move through life. Your birth chart is a map of your life. I help you navigate it! Click HERE to see services and pricing.

  • Spiritual Guidance

I help you in your spiritual journey by addressing issues that may be preventing you from achieving the best version of yourself. I provide tools for you to implement in your daily life in order to be more balanced, healthy, and abundant.

* I offer sessions and readings in ENGLISH, SPANISH and FRENCH

If you are located in Europe or South America please CONTACT me for bookings and general information. if you are in North America click Below.

  • Astrology Readings

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Click HERE for info and purchase


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"Tatiana read our combined astrology charts and it was such a fun afternoon! Tatiana is great at what she does she said so many things that truly  resonated! I feel like both he and I really gained a lot of perspective on why certain things in our relationship are so easy and how that simplicity can make us a bit lazy in our other relationships. Tatiana is such a kind, compassionate and insightful person you will love getting a reading from her!”

Thanks again Tataina!
- Emily 

- Jill and Nolan

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