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Sale 40 CAD



Birth Chart Reading (2 hours) - *Sliding Scale $144 to Infinity CAD


Gain deep insights into your personality, strengths, and challenges based on your birth chart. This comprehensive analysis covers your planetary positions, aspects, and more, helping you understand your life's trajectory. This reading is a must have in order to truly understand the potential of your soul.

Current Year Themes (Solar Return)

Reading (2 hours) - *Sliding Scale $144 - $190 CAD

Sale for ARIES People until end of April - Sliding Scale $88 to infinity 


Discover the upcoming themes and energies of your upcoming birth year with a Solar Return reading. This analysis focuses on the positions of the Sun and planets on your birthday, providing valuable insights into the events and opportunities that lie ahead.

1-Hour Guidance Reading on Any Topic - *Sliding Scale $77 - $120 CAD 


Receive guidance and clarity on any area of your life, whether it is relationships, career, or personal development. This session allows you to ask specific questions and receive astrological insights and advice based on where you are at in life.

Career Potential (Vocational Astrology)

(1 hour) - *Sliding Scale $77 - $120 CAD 


Explore your career path and potential with a vocational astrology reading. Discover your natural talents, career opportunities, and the best ways to align your work with your life purpose.

Relationship Reading (2 hours) - *Sliding Scale $177 - $200  CAD


Gain a deeper understanding of your romantic or interpersonal relationships through a comprehensive reading. Explore compatibility, potential challenges, and ways to enhance your connection with your partner or loved ones.


Gift Cards of any amount available

Giving your loved ones the gift of astrology guidance is helping them know themselves better, understand challenging times and take advantage of the different cosmic energies to enhance and improve their lives

All these services offer a range of astrological insights and guidance, helping you better understand yourself and make informed decisions in various aspects of life at any given moment in time.

* SLIDING SCALE is a system where you may choose how much to contribute from a baseline. Consider the SLIDING SCALE based on your discernment around your financial capabilities and the economy of the country you reside in. My desire is to provide as much value as possible in the guidance that I give you and whatever your contribution is, I greatly appreciate it. This is why I have created a reasonable sliding scale. If you reside in a country outside NORTH AMERICA or EUROPE with non-competitive currencies I am able to provide a sliding scale that suits your country´s economy, contact me for info.


Tatiana Hassan

Tel: +1 (250-857-6992)

To book a session at your convenience Contact me



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