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Chroma Movement is the brand under which TATIANA HASSAN is exploring different ways to create connection between  the physical mental and emotional bodies, by using internal and external visual and linguistic stimuli. Inspired in Yoga, Modal Practice by Merian Soto, Chi Awareness by Kun Yang Lin, Molly Shanahan dance technique, other influences and the use of multi media and video projections to create unique environments. The mission of Chroma Movement is to help the individual connect to him/herself through understanding movement fundamentals and then extend that connection to the collective. For this purpose Chroma Movement offers different flows:

1) Movement Fundamentals

2) Chroma Flow

3) Feminine Flow

4) Masculine Flow

5) Harmonic Fow

6) Partnering Flow

7) Archetypal Flow

And a dance Jam event where visual art meets dance SOUND STORY DANCE JAM.

Click here for more information about Chroma Movement. 

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